Rare Iron Meteorite/ NWA 2679

Exqusite, Extremely Rare, New Saharan Iron Meteorite. Stunning NEW Saharan Iron-NWA 2679 (prov.)! This exceptional iron is new, and particularily beautiful iron from the Saharan desert of north-west Africa. There is only one specimen of this meteorite known to exist. It has really amazing etch with micro crystals transected by a lattice work of amazing kamacite needles! This is a really bizzare etch and we have never seen another iron like it. UCLA has provisionally classified it as IAB of some subtype (to be determined, perhaps anomalous). Saharan irons are rare and this one is particularly rare with a total known weight prior to cutting of just 512 grams! After accounting for the type specimen donated to Science and cutting losses, there will only be about 360 grams of this iron left, and we are the sole suppliers. This gorgeous iron has a nickel content of 10.8%.

The final elemental composition, as determined by UCLA: Ni 111.8 mg/g, Co 5.59 mg/g, Ga 12.9 µg/g, As 33.3 µg/g, Ir 0.174 µg/g, Au 3.28 µg/g.

The structrual description as written by Professor John Wasson is as follows: A IAB iron with 112 mg/g Ni, 12.9 µg/g Ga, 0.17 µg/g Ir. Birdsell provided three photos, one entire face (4.8 mm long dimension, total area about 13 cm2), one showing two intersecting faces (the second with about 12 cm2 area) and one detailed shot about1.5×2.0 cm. Very attractive Widmanstätten pattern. Kam. bandwidth ~0.15 mm, thus the structure is Off. The bands have high aspect ratios and are irregular in width, becoming much thicker (up to 0.5 mm) when they enclose small schreibersite grains. Two large (8-9 mm) skeletal schreibersite masses are surrounded by swathing kamacite ~0.7 mm thick. The volume abundance of schreibersite is relatively high, about 0.4% by volume. No other inclusions were recognized.

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Amazing 9.4 gram "Dragon" meteorite NWA 2679!! SOLD!

Superb 250 gram etched Main Mass of NWA 2679!! SOLD!

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