Original Meteorite Art work

Meteorites Wanted! We May Buy Meteorites!


I found a Meteorite. What do I do now?

If you think you have found a meteorite first of all please read ALL of our Meteorite Identification section. Then, if you still think that it is a meteorite please read ALL of our POLICIES below. If you are still convinced that you may have found a meteorite, and you agree to ALL of our policies below please send us an email.


Due to the large number of emails that we receive from people that have found an ordinary rock but have convinced themselves that it is a "meteorite" we have had to institute the following policies:

1) In our experience, over 99.9% of the "meteorites" people think they have found are NOT meteorites. They are ordinary rocks.

2) Please DO NOT CALL us regarding any stone or suspect meteorite that you have found. Email is the way to contact us regarding your suspect rock.

3) If you contact us and we do not think that your find is a meteorite, or worth pursuing, we probably will not get back to you due to our limited time and resources. If you do not hear back from us that means that we do not think your rock is worth pursuing. Please do not contact us again about your rock.

4) In the unlikely event that your find is actually a meteorite, Congratulations! Good job! We may be able to buy it from you or help you find a buyer for your meteorite. Please understand that we can not pay retail prices, and in the current economy meteorites are not in as high a demand as they were several years ago.


6) Please Do NOT send us more than three photos of any suspect meteorite AND do not send any photos that are smaller than 50kb or larger than 150kb.

7) If you have a "collection" of suspect meteorites please only send us one photo of each of your best three.

8) Please do not send photos from your phone.

9) Please do not send us low quality, poorly lit or out-of-focus photos.

10) Please Do Not mail us anything unless we ask you to. We do not return any samples sent to us.

We look forward to seeing some real meteorite finds and thank you for your cooperation!

If you agree to the above conditions you may email us: CONTACT