Custom SR-71 Ring Ordering Instructions

SR-71 Blackbird

Arizona Skies Meteorites® is in no way affiliated with the Lockeed Martin Corporation.


1) Our beautiful custom SR-71 rings are each hand made to order, so there will be minor variations in rings characteristic of any hand made item. When requesting a price quote please be sure to mention the Style of ring, approximate size and width. Each ring will be unique and like no other ring. Due to their Custom nature, we ask for payment before we start a custom ring order.

2) Due to the custom nature, cost and time involved in making our custom rings, we have a No Return policy on our Custom-made rings. Prices are subject to change. Arizona Residents are responsible for paying sales tax. Please let us know if we will be shipping to Arizona when placing your order. PLEASE NOTE THAT INTERNATIONAL BUYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DUTIES, TARIFFS, TAXES OR FEES COLLECTED BY THEIR GOVERNMENT ON IMPORTED ITEMS.

3) In general SR-71 Rings can not be resized, though we may occasionally be able to loosen them a little. Because there are variations in the ring sizers used by different Jewelers it is very important to follow our sizing instructions below to ensure that you order the correct size. You are responsible for ordering the correct size.

4) The best way to make sure your order the correct size is to start by getting an estimated size at a Jeweler's using a ring sizer of a similar width to the ring that you plan on ordering. Don't get sized using a 2mm wide sizer if you plan on ordering a 6mm wide band. Do this during the middle of the day, when your hands are at their normal operating temperature. Cold fingers are much smaller than warm fingers. This step is very important to insure you receive the correct ring sizing kit!

5) Then email us : EMAIL and give us your estimated size. Be sure to mention if you live outside of the US. After we have received your SR-71 ring order we will mail you a trial ring sizing kit containing your size, as well as a half size larger and a half size smaller. For US residents we charge a nominal Priority shipping fee. For International Customers, Priority shipping for the ring sizers is $45.00.

6) Wear the trial ring that best fits you for several days. If you are not used to wearing a ring, you will notice that the ring feels tighter and looser during different times of the day. Determine the size that is the best fit for you.

7) Once you have determined the correct size ring for yourself, send back the ring sizing kit and contact us to confirm your ring size. We will make your ring the same size as the ring sizer that you have chosen.

8) In the highly unlikely event that we make a size significantly different from what you ordered we will, at no extra charge, either correct it or replace at our option. If you order the wrong size and want us to make another ring for you there will be a 50% remake fee after we have received the first ring back in its original new condition. Please note that there are NO Refunds if you order the wrong size so please follow the above procedure to determine the correct size for you. It is the customer's responsibility to review the invoice for their order to ensure that everything is correct on it BEFORE paying.

9) Please don't wait until the last minute to place your order. Custom rings can take 4 to 9+ weeks to complete depending on our backlog and the ring style. When placing your order be sure to tell us when the ring is needed. Rush orders may sometimes be possible depending on our schedule, however they cost more. Please contact us for an estimate of our current turnaround time and to see whether a RUSH order is possible.

10) Our custom SR-71 rings are very durable. That being said, if you want your ring to stay looking nice you should care for your ring as you would any fine jewelry. Some common sense will go a long way in this regard. Don't wear your jewelry while doing yard work, construction work, automotive work, or similar activities or while handling abrasive or corrosive materials. Don't abuse your jewelry, or hit it against hard objects that could dent or scratch it. As with any fine jewelry, our rings should not be exposed to chlorine, bleach, chlorides, house hold cleansers or acids (your hands probably shouldn't either). In cold weather or if you go swimming, your finger can shrink quite a bit causing your ring to fall off, so don't go swimming with your jewelry.

11) If you need any work done on your ring please contact us. DO NOT allow anyone other than us to work on your ring as most jewelers are not familiar working with titanium and may cause damage to your ring. We will NOT be responsible for damage caused by others.

12) Your order will only be shipped to your paypal address of record. It is the buyers responsibility to make sure that their paypal address of record is up to date and is the correct shipping address before placing an order.

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