Original Panzer Battle Cover Painting

Original Panzer Battle Painting

Panzer Painting

WW2 Battle

Eastern Front Battle Painting

This spectacular original cover painting is a action packed battle scene from Christmas Day 1943, on the Dnepr. Surrounded following a sudden Soviet offensive, 8th and 19th Panzer Divisions had to fight their way through wooded terrain and snow showers to break out of encirclement by Vatutin's 1st Ukranian Front. In this scene a mixed German battlegroup of infantry, halftracks and PzKpfw IV tanks has run into Soviet infantry and T-34 tanks. The German's would manage to fight their way through but at a cost. Although the German Divisions eventually escaped they were constantly pursued and would soon be in full retreat.

FROM: Osprey's, Campaign 291- The Dnepr 1943

This incredible original cover painting is done in water color and would make a fantastic gift or addition to any collection. Artist: S. Noon Approximate Image size: 19" x 12"

Price: $1895.00!

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