Original Painting of the Spanish Blue Division preparing for the battle of Krasny Bor

Original Painting of Spanish Blue Division Battle of Krasny Bor

Stunning original oil on board painting of the Spainish Blue Division preparing for the battle of Krasny bor. Krasny Bor was a battle which took place on 10 and 11 February 1943, when the Leningrad front sector defended by the Spanish Blue Division, received the attack of an entire Russian army composed of 4 Divisions. 4,500 Spanish soldiers held against the massive Russian offensive consisting of 44,000 troops, 100 tanks and 800 guns. Initially, all it seemed lost for Spanish, but in spite of the Russian superiority in numberes, successive waves of Russian soldiers could do little against the soldiers of the 250th Division, which firmly held the ground of Krasny Bor with the firm resolve to resist to the end. The cost was brutal, 2,253 Spanish casualties against 11,000 Soviet.

This incredibly realistic painting would make a fantastic gift for any WW2 Veteran or Veteran's family member, or anyone interested in WW2 History

Title: Lenningrad to Krasny Bor

Image dimensions: 21.5" x 18"

Artist: J. F. Clauzel

Price: $1695.00

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