Original Civil War Painting

Original Civil War Painting

This amazing, large, highly detailed original Civil War painting 'STAND AT THE ANGLE' depicts the Battle of Kenessaw Mountain, GA in 1864. This painting really catches the essence of battle in a way one rarely sees. In the distance columns of Union soldiers can be seen advancing on the defending Confederate soldiers. This spectacular painting is by Award-Winning Artist & Film Producer Justin Murphy. It compares quite favorably to Civil War paintings by Mort Kunstler which often bring $20,000-$30,000. Reproduction Civil War prints are selling for $1500 each. Astute collectors will recognize this as an excellent value for a superb, large, original oil on canvas Civil War painting. Painting is stretched and ready to frame. Image dimensions: 30" x 24" Artist: Painted by Award-Winning Artist & Film Producer Justin Murphy.


This original military art painting would make a fantastic gift for anyone interested in American History.


Price: ONLY $2995.00!

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