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Original Western Cowgirl Painting

This unique painting is by artist Karl Schmalhaus (d. 1925). This oil on canvas painting is from the early 1900's and is a fantastic rendition of a famous early Colt Arms Advertisment featuring a young cowgirl shooting a jaguar with her colt revolver! The artist duly noted that it was a copy above his signature.

Karl Schmalhaus was originally from Germany where he served as a light cavalryman in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. Karl Schmalhaus emigrated to the United States and settled in Davenport, Iowa. There he and his brother had jobs tinting photographs, and Karl also became a painter of landscapes. He was the uncle of artist Edna Humphreys Miller. Karl Schmalhaus died in 1925. The canvas could use a cleaning and has several tears which could easily be repaired.

Signed: Karl Schmalhaus

Framed Dimensions: 26" x 30"

Visible Image dimensions: 21" x 25"


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