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Welcome to Arizona Skies Meteorites® Museum page. Here you will find a sample of some of our finest specimens. These specimens are intended for Museums and highly discriminating collectors.

At Arizona Skies Meteorites®, we provide high grade fossils, meteorites, antique Samurai swords and other rare collectibles to Museums, educators and private collectors around the world. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and please be sure to visit our
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Huge Campo Meteorite

Enormous, 53 Lb Museum quality Campo Meteorite!

Huge Seymchan Meteorite Full Slice

World Class Etched Seymchan Pallasite Full Slice!

Photo of an 17th Century Japanese Kanana

Fine Quality Antique Samurai Swords, Katanas and Wakizashi!

Corsair Propeller & Pin Up Girl
Rare Vintage WWII Military Collectibles

Huge Megalodon Tooth

Huge 6.72" Sharply Serrated Megalodon Teeth!

Original Peter Hurd Painting

Original Painting by Famed Western Artist Peter Hurd!

Imilac Pallasite

Incomparable 208g Imilac Pallasite!

Seymchan Pallasite

Incomparable 53.5 Lb Etched Seymchan Pallasite!

Museum Grade Sikhote Meteorite

Enormous ~49 Lb Sikhote Alin Meteorite End-Cut!SOLD!

Huge Odessa Meteorite

Enormous, Museum Quality 71 Lb Odessa Meteorite!SOLD!

Smilodon Saber Tooth
World Class Smilodon Saber

Photo of an Wooly Mammoth Tusk

Museum Quality Wooly Mammoth Tusks!

Photo of a T. rex tooth

Museum Quality Tyrannosaurus rex Fossils!

Photo of a beautifully Esquel Pallasite

Incomparable 371g Esquel Pallasite Slice!

Photo of a beautifully Lodranite Meteorite

Extremely rare, 49g NWA 2714 Lodranite!

Photo of a beautifully Lunar Meteorite

Extremely rare, 11.7g Lunar Meteorite FULL Slice!

Photo of a beautiful Martian Meteorite

Beautiful, Fusion Crusted Martian Shergottites!

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