How we Care for and Maintain our Iron Meteorites

Iron meteorites are composed of between 80% and 95% iron. Some are susceptible to varying degrees of oxidation. For this reason some iron meteorites, just like other fine collectibles, may require a little care and maintenance. Some iron meteorites are very stable. In our experience, these include Gibeon, Chinga, Seymchan and a variety of other types. We have also had very good luck with Henbury, Canyon Diablo, Cape York, Uruacu and many Desert Irons.

For the less stable meteorites such as Muonionalusta, we use the following methods to help protect our specimens.

We keep our meteorites away from moisture and humidity. If you live in a dry climate, that is good. Depending on how humid the climate is, some people keep their meteorite collection in an air tight display case with rechargeable desiccants. If you do use desiccants do not let the desiccants come into direct contact with the meteorite as they contain salts which could harm the meteorite.

Salt air is corrosive to iron, so if you live near the ocean, you may want to keep your meteorites in an environment in which they are protected from the salt air and humidity.

We keep our meteorites in a temperature controlled environment (at around 70 Fahrenheit). A temperature controlled environment helps to prevent condensation from forming on your iron meteorite. You don't want to store your meteorite collection in a damp cellar or basement. Some people keep their collection in a lighted display case and leave the lights on 24 hours a day. This may help prevent condensation from occuring on the meteorites.

We do NOT store our meteorites in plastic bags. These seem to promote rusting.

We don't handle our rust prone meteorites with sweaty hands. Sweat contains salt which can corrode iron.

Sometimes rust may appear on the surface of an iron meteorite. When this occurs on a whole individual, the rust can be removed via one of several methods.

After removing any rust we may apply a protective coating of some type or may leave it in its natural state. The type of protective coating applied will vary depending on the type of meteorite.

The less stable Etched meteorites can have a light coat of machine oil applied to their surface to help protect them from oxidation. We use "3 in 1" oil which is available at most hardware stores and even supermarkets. If one uses oil to protect the surface of their etched meteorites, it will need to be re-applied on a regular basis because it evaporates over time. Some people prefer using a clear lacquer to protect their etched meteorites, however this can yellow over time and or craze, requiring some maintenance.

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