Meteorite picture

Photo of a Classic Iron Meteorite with Natural Patina and numerous indentations or "thumbprints".

Meteorite Information

Welcome to Arizona Skies Meteorites® Meteorite Information page. Over the years we have received literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of emails from people asking us numerous questions about meteorites. For this reason we have deveolped this Meteorite Information page as a resource for laymen as well as educators. Below you will find links on how to identify meteorites, what meteorites are, what meteorites look like (a meteorite photo gallery), meteorite Widmanstatten patterns, and how to care for meteorites. We hope that you will find these resources useful. If so, please be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

What are Meteorites?

Meteorite Pictures

Meteorite Identification

Meteorite Widmanstatten Patterns

Meteorite Care and Maintenance

Fossils & Meteorites For Sale (Home Page)

WE BUY METEORITES and WE BUY FOSSILS! Please let us know if you have a meteorite or high quality fossil that you want to sell and we will let you know whether we would be interested in purchasing them from you. Thanks for visiting our site.

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