Authentic Meteorite Dog Tags

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Here we offer our elegant Gibeon meteorite dog tags. Our meteorite dog tags are hand crafted here in the US from the finest Gibeon meteorite and come wiht our Certificate of Authenticity!

Meteorite Dog Tag

Stock Photo showing authentic Gibeon meteorite. Price as shown only $349.00.

Caveat Emptor: Beware of cheap (or expensive) imitations! As the price of Gibeon has gone up over the past several years, there has been a disconcerting trend of certain individuals offering the Rust-Prone 'Muonionalusta' meteorites as stable "Gibeon" meteorites. Muonionalusta meteorites looks superficially similar to Gibeon when cut and etched, however, in our experience they tend to be much more prone to rusting, much more common and much cheaper. Muonionalusta is what we refer to as a "Ruster" meteorite. When made into jewelry, Muonionalusta is often so unstable that it needs to be plated with some precious metal to temporarily keep it from rusting away. We were contacted by a Chinese jewelry manufacturer looking to buy large quantities of Muonionalusta meteorites for use in jewelry and for resale. We informed them that muonionalusta was not suitable for jewelry but that didn't phase them a bit. They said that they needed up to one ton of muonionalusta per year! They sent us a photo showing an example of their meteorite jewelry (which appeared to us to be plated). When we looked them up online, they were selling what appeared to be the exact same product as "Gibeon" meteorite jewelry! Who knows how much of this fake "Gibeon" meteorite has been sold to unsuspecting buyers. We only use authentic Gibeon meteorite that we cut ourselves so we know exactly what it is and we provide COA's with all of our items!

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