ENORMOUS, 5.364 Inch Aurora Megalodon Tooth

HUGE Aurora Megalodon tooth! This spectacular specimen is an enormous 5.364 " inches in length! The serrations are razor sharp and the pearl-like enamel is smooth and glossy with a gorgeous natural ivory patina, making this ~15 million year old tooth look like it fell out of the shark's mouth yesterday! The bourlette is 90% complete and is a dense, rich dark brown which contrasts beautifully with the ivory enamel. Unlike most Auroras, the root is nice and solid with hardly any hydration cracking. As if that is not enough, the tip is intact and sharp! Best of all, this Aurora has absolutely no repair or restoration what-so-ever! Aurora teeth of this size are nearly impossible to find any more at any price.

Price: $3495.00

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Megalodon Teeth

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