ENORMOUS, 5.25 Inch American Lion Canine

HUGE Canine from the Giant American Lion Panthera atrox! This spectacular specimen is beyond rare! It was found in Taylor County, Florida. The tip broke off and was re-attached, but this tooth has absolutely NO Restoration! It measures an incredible 5.25 inches (along the outer curve) or 4.695 inches (straight line measurement)! This Canine is from the largest member of the Cat Family that ever existed! Pantera atrox was 25% larger than the largest African Lion, and even larger than Smilodon! For comparision, Pantera atrox skulls measured up to 19 inches in length as compared to Smilodon skulls which reached 13-14 inches in length. Giant American Lion fossils are so rare that they are nearly impossible to find at any price. We all know how rare Smilodon fossils are, and yet in the La Brea tar pits, Smilodon fossils vastly outnumbered those of the Giant American Lion by something like ten to one! Don't miss this opportunity to add this extraordinarily rare specimen to your collection!

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