Museum Quality Fossil Daspletosaurus Tyrannosaur Tooth

Daspletosaurus was the apex Tyrannosaurid predator living in western north America between 80 and 73 million years ago. This is a LARGE, Museum Quality Daspletosaurus tooth, measuring 2.25 inches in length (straight line measurement)! It has superb enamel and lovely rich fawn coloration. Serrations are present on both the anterior and posterior edges of this tooth, and it has no restoration or repair. This is a large specimen and is probably one of the nicest tyrannosaurid teeth tooth you will find for sale! This specimen was collected in the Judith River formation, Hill County, Milk River, Northern Montana on private land with the owner's permission. It even has a small amount of wear on the tip, where the Daspletosaurus wore the tooth killing and then eating its prey. You will be hard pressed to find a better example of an authentic ~75 million year old North American Daspletosaurus tooth.

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