Painting of large Theropod by Joe Tucciarone

Albertosaurus or "Lizard from Alberta" was a viscious predator and a member of a diverse group of theropod dinosaurs collectively known as the Coelurosaurs. Weighing 2.5 tons and reaching lenghts of 27 feet, this giant tyrannosaurid was a formitable predator. Like T. rex, Albertosaurus had large doubly serrated teeth which were used to rip its prey apart. Albertosaurus had a smaller build than T. rex and longer limbs making it a much more agile, and possibly more dangerous, predator.

Albertosaurus Fossils:

Incomparable, 6" Fully Rooted Albertosaurus tooth!

Image of an Albertosaurus tooth
Superb, Large, Jet Black Albertosaurus tooth!

A special thanks to Joe Tucciarone for allowing us to use images of his wonderful Art work.

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