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Gem Dinosaur Bone Pendant


Dino Bone Pendant

This elegant necklace features fossilized gem dinosaur bone with an incredible jaguar-like pattern, surrounded on four sides by solid 14k Gold. It comes with a lovely 14k gold chain. This stunning pendant was designed around a unique gem quality fossilized dinosaur bone. Gem quality dinosaur bone is one of Earth's rarest treasures. Only a tiny fraction of all dinosaur bone becomes mineralized into agate, and of this tiny fraction only a fraction of a percent is gem quality. Gem dinosaur bone comes from the Morrison Formation of Utah and Colorado and is between 146-156 million years old! This spectacular specimen is untreated and clearly shows the cellular structure of the dinosaur's bone in colors which are wonderfully highlighted by the rich color of the 14k gold.

Approximate dimensions of the gold frame are 4 cm tall x 2.5 cm in width.


Price: ONLY $1695.00 NEW!


Dinosaur Agate & Rose Gold Pendant




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