Yasuhiro Katana Latter Edo period (1839)

(Signed: Ushu Yonezawa ju YASUHIRO)

Yasuhiro Katana

Yasuhiro Fittings






Yasuhiro Katana

Katana signed Ushu Yonezawa ju YASUHIRO
In the 10 th month, Tenpo 10th
with) Gold leaf sunset glow lacquered scabbard Tachi style fitting

This elegant Katana comes with an NBTHK Hozon paper attesting to its authenticity and quality.

Length of cutting edge: 69.7cm, Curvature 2.4 cm, Thickness of base 7.6 mm, Width of base 31.7 mm, Width of Yokote 20.3 mm

Sugata (configuration) : Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune and Kasane is rather on thick side. Width of base is wide standing firmly holding deep, middle pointed curve leading to an extended middle Kissaki.

Kitae(forging pattern) : Combination of itame (wooden grain), large burl grain marks (O-mokume) and entwined flowing grain marks. Surface is covered in sparkling ji-nie hard metal granules over the surface. Thick lines of Nie "Chikei" actively glows over the surface.

Hamon(tempering pattern) : Flamboyant tempering pattern with a combination of small Gunome (zig-zag) and Choji-ha (clove outline) that varies in shape and height. The pattern starts calmly with a shallow temper on base. Upper the blade, wider the pattern where works with Tobiyaki (quench overflows into the surface) and Muneyaki (tempering on the ridge) activities. The interior works with deep mist "Nioi" incorporating Nie-ashi feet that project into the cutting edge and Yo activities (quenching dots that works in the interior of temper).

Boshi (tip): There is Yakikomi (large gunome below yokote) then forms straight, medium circle turn-back.
Nakago(tang) : Ubu original with O-sujikai (greatly slanting leftward) filemarks, one mekugi-ana (retaining hole), Kurijiri (Double beveled heel) signed seven large character that starts with the place of living "Ushu Yonezawa-ju" and the smith name "YASUHIRO" and the other side is chiselled the date of year "In the 10th month, 10th year of Tenpo" (1839).
The subject sword is wide on base and is gracefully curved deeply even the tang is smoothly curved like a Tachi. Iori ridge is a bit low side , Shinogi is comparatively narrow to the Hiraji surface, those are the major characters during Bunka - Tenpo (1804-43) period.

The latter half of Edo preiod, city of Yonezawa in Dewa province (now south of Yamagata pref.), the most famed brother smiths "Kato Tsunatoshi" and "Tsunahide" who belonged to the great master "Suishinshi Masahide" school and also their pupil of "Akama Tsunanobu" had been very active.
The subject work of "YASUHIRO" shows the close resemblance to the ones of Kato brother (bizen-chool). It is quite rare to come across with his own the works. A possible reason would be that he had been playing a ghostmaker for his masters Tsunahide/Tsunatoshi long time.

The Gold leaf lacquered scabbard Tachi style fitting of exceptionally good quality consists of :
All metal fittings of kabuto-kane, Fuchi, Kuchi-kane, Ashi-kanamono, Seki-kanamono and Ishizuki are Shakudo polish surface, Inome-heart openwork
Taiko-kane : Shakudo Nanako-ji surface gold Iroe, KIRI emblem takabori carving Smoke leather Tachi-style Sageo
Tsuba : Iron ground AOI shape hammered surface, KARAKUSA arabesque pattern silver inlay along Mimi edge
Tsuka : Gold brocade, black lozenge wrap
Menuki : Harmit, chrysanthemum design, Gold Iroe
Scabbard : Gold leaf of sunset glow design lacquered
Gold foiled Tachi style habaki collar. Preserved in a Shira-Saya plain wood mounting.
An old good polish/Condition scale: mint-excellent (using a scale of mint-excellent-very good-good-fair-poor)

Price: SOLD

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