Edo era (17th Century) Katana by Ujitsugu

Image of an 17th Century Katana

Image of an 17th Century Katana

Image of an 17th Century Katana

Image of NBTHK paper

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This sword comes with an NBTHK Hozon paper attesting to its authenticity and quality as well as Oshigata.

Signature: 大和守氏次 (Yamato kami Ujitsugu) of the Mino province

The blade is polished and comes in a Shirasaya with a Koshirae.

Blade length: 66.9cm or 26.3inches.  Sori: 0.8cm or 0.31inch.  Width at the hamachi: 2.88cm or 1.13inches.

Width at the Kissaki: 2.09cm or 0.82inches.  Thickess at the hamachi: 0.70cm or 0.27inch.

Era:Edo period Teikyo era.

Shape: The blade is thick and wide, with a shallow sori and long Kissaki as seen in Kanei style swords.

Jitetsu:(texture): beautifully grained Itame hada with Ji-nie and chikei appearing on the Ji. The Jigane has a powerful feeling to it. A couple of minor ware are visible (see detailed photos).

Hamon: a stunning Gunome-midare hamon having wonderful Nie-deki activities, with sunagashi and Kinsuji activity in the Ha.

Koshirae:Tsuba: Iron sukashi Tsuba.

Fuchi: On the plain syakudo plate, a family crest engraved with gold inlay.

Menuki: On the syakudoplate, family crests are engraved.

Saya:Deep red-brown color.

Price: SOLD

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