Mume Wakizashi Attributed to Shinkei Tanemitsu w/ NBTHK HOZON

Tanemitsu Wakizashi

Hozon Token


Tanemitsu Wakizashi

Wakizashi unsigned Shinkei TANEMITSU

Shin-shin to End of Edo period (Keio era/circa 1865) Hitachi

Length of cutting edge 38.2cm, Curvature 0.8cm, Width of base 30.1mm, Thickness of base 6.0mm

Smith Shinkei Tanemitsu, real name is Sudo Eikichi was born in 14th day, the 4th month, 3rd year of Tenpo(1832) in Hitachi province (Ibaraki pref.) and joined to a masterTaikei Naotane school then became an authorized sword smith under contract to the Tsuchiura clan in 1860. The period of his life's work is only about 15 years and it is quite rare to come across existing works.

This is wide and long Hirazukuri wakizashi and upper Fukura is wide and full. There works with Yubashiri and slight Tobiyaki temper on surface, where Utsuri speckled reflect indication so called [Yake-utsuri].Temper starts with shallow yakidashi then clove (choji) outline generally mixing in with box-shape gunome. Temper edge sparkles with dense Ko-nie glitter and active with Kinsen and Sunagashi marks.

This wakizashi shows representative workmanship of TANEMITSU who follows an old tradition of Bizen school and has close resembles to the work of his great master Taikei NAOTANE.
Silver Habaki. It comes in a Shira-Saya plain wood mounting with an NBTHK Hozon Token.

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