Superb Edo era (17th Century) Katana by Takekuni

(Signed: Kurume-ju Fujiwara Takekuni)






Takekuni Katana

This elegant Katana comes with an NBTHK Hozon paper attesting to its authenticity and quality.

Shinto Early Edo period (Jyokyo era circa A.D.1684) Chikugo
Length of cutting edge 70.1cm Curvature 1.6cm Width of base 32.0mm Thickness of base 6.5mm Width of Yokote 22.0mm

Sugata (configuration) : Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. Mihaba on base is in average and there is an ordinary curve leading to a middle tip. The entire katana is a well-balanced, fine-proportioned beautiful shape.

Kitae (forging pattern) : The Kitae-hada is fine kneaded Mokume hada. The surface is covered in with sparkling Ji-Nie so called (glittering hard metal granules) activity.The entire shinogi-ji surface is conspicuous masame straight grain mark appears.

Hamon (tempering pattern) : The Hamon is Ko-Nie based, Notare - shallow wavy - Hotsure -fray activity-, Niju-ha - double temper lines-. Upper the blade, brighter the Nie, deeper the Nioi mist around Monouchi hitting area. There is ASHI feet works in upper area. The entire temper gives off vivid and strong light.

Boshi (tip): The temper of the tip goes into KOMARU straight circle with brushing indication, then turns back in good manner.

Nakago(tang) : UBU un-altered, slanted left (o-sujikai) filemarks and round heel shape. One mekugi-ana. The signature in hakiomote starts with the place of work Kurume-ju and then Fujiwara TAKEKUNI.

The Smith Takekuni in theChikuzen province (now in Fukuoka province), frontier was KANESAKI who belonged to Shimosaka school in Omi province. This sword is judged as a genuine work of the first generation TAKEKUNI who was active Jyokyo era end of 17 th century. Real name is (Shimosaka Tahei). His son (Shimosaka Soichi) had succeeded the second generation TAKEKUNI and he had visited to stay Kyoto to learn from Igano-kami KINMICHI, enjoyed Echigo-no-kami title. The subject sword remains an excellent condition and well-maintained showing powerful glittering bright light. The blade holds standard length, well-proportioned curve to say traditional beauty.

The incidental Uchigatana style Koshirae fittings consists of Shakudo copper alloy ground Nanako-ji surface gold Iroe Playing Children Fuchi/Kashira set, Shakudo Yobori ground gold Iroe Ox trainer Menuki ornaments and Iron tsuba is Sansui scene Nunome style gold inlay

Old copper habaki collar with water chestnut crest metal work gold plated for Shira-saya (reversed side shows some dented marks). And another Silver ground habaki collar for Koshirae fittings. Shira-saya plain wood mounting included.

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