Superb Edo era (17th Century) Wakizashi by Sukehira & Sukenaga

(Signed: Yokoyama Ise-no-kami SUKEHIRA Dou SUKENAGA)









Edo Era Wakizashi by Sukehira

This elegant Katana comes with an NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon paper attesting to its authenticity and quality.

The latter part of Edo period (Bunka era about 200 years ago) Bizen
Length of cutting edge 44.8cm Curvature 1.0cm Thickness of base 6.6mm Width of base 29.1mm Width of Yokote 20.7mm

Blade construction: Shinogi-zukuri wakizashi, Iori-mune, Mihaba and Kasane is in average, well balanced curve holding rich and massive volume in hiraji leading to the middle kissaki. The entire blade is heavy on hand.

Forging(Hada): Fine/precise Mokume burl pattern throughout hiraji surface and is covered in uniform blinking Nie hard metal granules. Darkish fine and small Nie lines so called Chikei-activity stands out over the surface. The entire hada skin is elaborately fine forged and remains superb condition.

Temper(Hamon): Hamon starts with straight suguha (Yakidashi), gunome and clove outline (Choji-ha), mixing in with composite Gunome/Choji. Entire temper line shows Nioi indication basis and glittering Nie granules attaches along temper line. The interior of temper shows frequent gunome/choji -feet extending toward the cutting edge and the upper part works with crossing SUNAGASHI and KINSEN thick Nie lines activity The interior of temper is filled in whitish Nioi mist.

Tang(Nakago): Nakago is in UBU original. One peg hole. Round heel shape and Osujikai slanted left filemarks.The signature in front located on the upper shinogi , Family name (Yokoyama), the title (Ise-no-kami) and master smith name (SUKEHIRA) and on a new line in Hiraji shows collaboration name (Dou SUKENAGA). Hakiura side has the place of work (Biyo Osafune Junin).

Temper of tip (Boshi): Boshi is straight with hoture (frayed) indication then medium circle turns back.

Yokoyama Sukehira, a famed smith in Bizen Osafune - his real name is Yokoyama Kakuji, initial smith name was SUKESADA. In 1788, he became the pupil of smith MOTOHIRA in Satsuma province, who was top skilled / talented in Soshu school of the day. Part of smith name SUKE-HIRA was granted by MOTO-HIRA. Enjoyed Isenokami title in 1790. Passed away the 8 th month, 25 th day, Bunsei 12 th (1829) was 75 years old.
Collaboration artisan - the second son Yokoyama Sukenaga (real name : Yokoyama Kakunosuke) had succeeded as head of inherited exclusive artisan of Bizen province, enjoyed Kaganosuke title in 1833. Passed away the the 6 th month, 2nd day, Kaei 4 th (1851) was 57 years old.

The subject wakizashi is an exceptional collaboration work - SUKEHIRA and his son SUKENAGA, two of f the three most able men in Bizen osafune school in Shinto period. Although master SUKEHIRA joined temporary to MOTOHIRA school to learn Soshu-den technique, most of his posthumous work(s) follows genuine Bizen-den, nioi based, choji temper scene and tight and fine Mokume texture of forging. Sometimes they proudly chiselled his with a honor of his lineage, [55 th or 56 th descendants of TOMONARI] (frontier of Osafune school). There would be one of the evidences that he assumed to learn from MOTOHIRA is that there are some streaming SUNAGSHI and thick hard metal nie lines KINSEN.

The attachment Koshirae set of mount(Hozon Tosogu), consists of Fuchi/Kashira signed Yoshi-KI a Japanese goshawk and sparrows motif (Shakkudo) / Menuki Leo (copper/gold plated) / Kozkuka Sanbanso motif (Shakudo/Kyo-kanagushi)(Hozon Tosogu) / Tuba Water front Chinesse motif (Shibuichi/Mino-Kinko work)(Hozon Tosogu).

This wakizashi is impressively rare with it's collaboration signature holding a pure genuine Bien Osafune School and remains superb condition. Possible original Koshirae set of mount is another highlight (three certificate of NBTHK for a complete set of Koshirae). Original old habaki collar (copper grouond/gold foiled). Set in Shira-Saya plain wood mounting.

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