Superb 14th Century Naginata-Naoshi Katana w/ NBTHK Tokubetsu HozonToken, Attributed to Sue-Sa

Sue-Sa Katana

Tokubetsu Hozon


Sue-Sa Katana


Superb 14th Century Naginata-Naoshi Katana Attributed to

Sue-Sa (Koto Nanbokucho period (Enbun era circa 1356-67) Chikuzen)

Length of cutting edge: 68.3cm, Curvature:1.7cm Width of base: 28.5mm Width of base: 26.7mm Thickness of base:5.5mm

Blade construction (kengyo) : Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. Naginata-Naoshi katana. Mihaba width is wide and is less volume on Hiraniku, upper Fukura area is swelling out in full leading to an extended long Kissaki. The entire shape is brave and heroically made.

Forging pattern (kitae hada) : Kitae hada is conspicuous Itame hada mixing with partial flowing hada ware. The entire hiraji surface is covered in fine ji-nie (hard metal granules over the surface) with Chikei (darkish Nie lines) activity. Utsuri-mist of whitish, mottled reflection against bluish steel glows over the Hiraji surface.

Tempering pattern (hamon) : Hamon is fairly profuse and fine Nie based wavy "Notare" in general. Some indication of ranging Gunome and small Gunome zigzag and there shows "Tobiyaki" of spilled temper glowing in the middle of blade. Profuse but fine and uniform Nie of hard metal granules glows the light vividly bright along quenched temper pattern and deep Nioi mist-like crystalline area fills the interior of temper where thick lines of Nie "Sunagashi" and bright curved threadlike areas of "Kinsuji" intensely appears with great spirit.

Temper of tip (boshi) : Boshi is extraordinary long. Quenching temper is fairly profuse Nie based, forms irregular zigzag in flames of the tip. Bright curved threadlike areas of "Kinsuji" intensely works as well.

Tang(Nakago) : Nakago is O-suriage cut, substantially shortened to be unsigned. Three Mekugi-ana holes (the one of heel is a semicircle that might be an original peg hole). Kurijiri round heel shape. Osujikai greatly slanting left filemarks.

Early Nanbokucho period of early 14th century, smith Samonji 左文字 who was famed as the most skilled maker among the 10 genius smiths of MASAMUNE 正宗十哲, appeared in Chikuzen of Saikaido way in Kyushu island. Samonji learned technological innovation of genuine Soushu method from MASAMUNE 正宗 and had broken the previous traditional forging and quench technique in Kyushu.
Those works of Samonji school during Nanbokucho period are called "Sue-SA" 末左 such as UASUYOSHI 安吉, YUKIHIRO 行弘, KUNIHIRO 国弘, YOSHISADA 吉貞, HIROYUKI 弘行, HIROYASU 弘安, and SADAYOSHI 貞吉.
These works of Sue-SA reflect pure Soushu technique of Itame grains and rather on profuse side Nie quench status with great warlike spirit for Samurais who pursued the most supreme sharp performance and holds a significant heroic shape of Nanbokucho period. Most of them were substantially shortened during Muromachi period due to exceedingly long blade and therefore beccame unsigned.
The subject heroic katana was O-suriage shortened from Naginata which had been treasured in generations by legitimate Samurais over 650 years and still remains wide in Mihaba and upper Fukura area is swelling out in full leading to an extra large Kissaki tip which is a representative construction of Nanbokucho period. Also it shows the profound feature such as Itame grain and rich Kinsuji or Sunagashi activities against profuse fine Nie granules from genuine Soushu school.
Recent excellent polish/Condition scale: excellent-very good (using a scale of mint-excellent-very good-good-fair-poor)
Gold foiled copper ground Habaki collar, preserved in a Shira-Saya plain wood mounting.

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