Superb Edo era (17th Century) Wakizashi by Masanori

(Signed: Yamato daijo Fujiwara MASANORI Echizen-koku)









Superb Edo Era Wakizashi by Masanori

This elegant Katana comes with an NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon paper attesting to its authenticity and quality.

Shinto Early of Edo period (Kanei Era/Circa A.D. 1624) Echizen
Length of cutting edge 54.4cm Width of base 28.5mm Thickness of base 6.7mm Width of Yokote 17.6cm

Configuration (Sugata) : Shinogi-zukuri, Iorimune. There is a difference in width between base and the upper part, moderate curve leading to middle kissaki.

Forging pattern (Kitae) : Well kneaded Mokume-hada mixing in with flowing Itame. Shinogi-ji is conspicuous Masame-hada. Hijaji surface is covered in Ji-nie and Chikei activity.

Tempering pattern (Hamon) : Hamon is nioi-trend gunome-midate. The interior of temper works with gunome-ashi and sunagashi-activity which is vivid and extremely bright.

Temper of tip (Boshi) : Boshi is wavy brushing upward then deeply turn-back with tight end.
Tang (Nakago) : Nakago is unaltered. Osujika- file marks. Two ANA (retaining holes). KENGYO shape of heel. The signature in one side is chiselled in seven character that reads Yamato daijo Fujiwara MASANORI and the ura is chiselled the place of living Echizen-koku.

The first generation MASANORI in Echizen province is handed down as a descendant of Sanjo-Yoshinori in Yamashiro province and was taken into the service of the feudal lord MATSUDAIRA. lived in Yamato-town, Fukui-city present day. The entire shape relatively curves in beauty in comparison with the other Echizen blade. and the jigane is conspicuous well grained. Mokume-dada is full of variety with a bright temper. This is surely one of superb works of Shodai MASANORI.

Wakizashi fitting (set of mounts) comprising : shark skin lacquered polish work sheath, tsuka (hilt) covered in white shark skin and wrapped in dark blue silk forming lozenge pattern, two shakudo(copper-gold alloy) menuki hilt ornament chrysanthemum design, fuchi/kashira set shakudo nanako-ji surface gold/copper inlay snipe design, iron ground peony openwork tsuba signed Bushu-ju Yoshimasa.
Silver one layer habaki collar, Shira-Saya plain wood mounting.

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