NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papered Katana signed Sakuyo-baku Kashi Hosokawa MASAMORI (seal) In the 6th month, Man-en 1st

Masamori Katana




Masamori Katana



Shin-shin-to End of Edo period (Man-en 1/1860) Bushu

Length of cutting edge 66.1cm, Curvature 2.2cm, Width of base 29.0mm, Width of Yokote 19.6mm Thickness of base 7.3mm

Blade construction: Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. "Kasane" is rather on thick side. The katana holds a deep waist pointed curve standing firmly on base and is soldl and heavy in hands with massive volume in Hiraniku leading to the large Kissaki. There are square end Bo-hi and parallel Soe-hi grooves on both sides. The entire blade reminds us of the dignified Tachi during end Kamakura period.

Forging (Hada): Forging is fine Itame-hada. Fine steel gives off clear impression of the extremely thick, sparkling hard metal granules "Ji-nie" on Hira-ji surface. Darkish Nie lines of Chikei activity gushes out that shows the mixtures of non-steel elements.

Temper (Hamon): Hamon is fine but profuse Nie hard metal granules base, starting with short wave underneath Habaki like a "Yakidashi" then flamboyant "Jyuka-Choji" that varies in shape and height where Choji-feet emits toward the cutting edge slanting left and right frequently. Those activities of quench state are vivid and bright, standing out strikingly.

Temper of tip (Boshi): Boshi forms "MIDAREKOMI" irregular quench state widely then a bit on deep side turns back.

Tang (Nakago): Nakago is in UBU original, one peg hole. Osujikai (greatly slanting left) filemarks with horizontal Kesho filemark. Back ridge of Nakago is well-rounded contour with Osujikai with horizontal decorative filemark.

Bottom shape is double bevelled (Kurijiri). The signature in front is inscribed upper the Shinogi-ji as "Sakuyo-baku Kashi Hosokawa MASAMORI (seal) " 作陽幕下士細川正守(刻印)and the other side is inscribed with the date of year "In the 6th month, Man-en 1st" 万延元年六月日 (1860).

Hosokawa MASAMORI 細川正守 was born in Bunsei 5 (1822) as the eldest son of Hosokawa MASAYOSHI 細川正義. He lived childhood in Kanuma, Shimotsuke domain (now Kanuma city, Tochigi pref.) then went up to Edo (Tokyo) to become a commissioned Samurai "Kashi" 下士 of Tsuyama-han, Sakushu domain (Now Tsuyama-city, Okayama pref.). He belonged Taikei NAOTANE 大慶直胤 school to learn Bizen technique and worked swords at the studio in Azuma bridge, Mukoujima 向島吾妻橋 (now Sumida ward in Tokyo) exclusively for his master of feudal lord Matsudaira 松平 and won the great fame for Bizen works. The subject Katana is one of his representative works under Bizen tecnique when he was 39 years old. The Hamon is overflowing with a profusion of flowers so called "Jyuka-Choji"and entire blade has a close resembles to the work of Tachi during Kamakura period which holds deep waist pointed curve. He is also was very good at making Bo-hi grooves with an elaborate work like this work and his Nakago indicates the unique distinctive filemarks with a single stroke chisel with decorative horizontal marks. This katana is a good example and understood that the smith MASAMORI 正守 was very much influenced by the antient Tachi of Bizen-Soshu Osafune works.

Koshirae: Brown Stone surface Fuemaki-sendan style nothces scabbard Uchikatana koshirae

Fuchi/Kashira : the twelve zodiac signs astrology design, gold ground Nanako-ji surface, Takabori carving, unsigned

Menuki : Aoi crest Ichi-hiki bar design, Shakudo ground, Yobori carving, Gold iroe inlay

Kojiri : Ear of rice design, gold ground polish surface, Takabori/Kebori carving

Kurikata : Ume apricot tree design, Shakudo ground Takabori, Iroe inlay

Tsuba : Falcon design, brass ground, Takabori/Nokibori carving, Shakudo Iroe inlay, signed SADAMASA (seal) 定政(花押)

Tsuka : White layskin, black silk cord Tsumami-maki style lozenge wrap Gold foiled double layer coper Habaki collar.

Preserved in a Shirasaya plain wood mounting. Recent polish/Condition scale: mint-excellent (using a scale of mint-excellent-very good-good-fair-poor)

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