Early Edo era (1639) Wakizashi by Hizen Kuni Saga Ju Masahiro

Image of an 17th Century Katana

Image of an 17th Century Wakizashi

Image of an 17th Century Wakizashi

Image of an 17th Century Wakizashi

Image of an 17th Century Wakizashi

Image of an 17th Century Wakizashi

This elegant sword is in Japanese polish with a double gold foiled Habaki and comes in a hardwood Shirasaya. It is without kizu or ware and comes with Oshigata and silk carrying bag.

Signature: 肥前国佐賀住正広 ( Hizen kuni Saga Ju Masahiro) 寛永十六年二月吉日 Kanei 16 nen 2 Gatsu Kichijitsu. (1639 February lucky day)

Blade length: 50.5cm or 19.9 inches.  Sori: 1.4cm or 0.55 inches. Width at the hamachi: 2.97cm or 1.17inches.

Width at the Kissaki: 1.88cm or 0.74inches. Thickess at the hamachi: 0.62cm or 0.24 inched.

Era:Early Edo period (February, 1639).

Shape: The blade has an elegant sori (curvature) and longer Kissaki.

Jitetsu:(texture): Itame hada well grained with a lot of Jinie and nice Jigane. .

Hamon: a brilliant Nie-deki Gunome midare hamon with Nioikuchi and Sunagashi and Kinsuji. Masahiro's hamon is a favorite of collectors and reminds us of billowing cumulonimbus clouds.

Nakago: Ubu-nakago, and Ura-mei having the date inscribed on the back of the tang. This is something which is quite rare.

Masahiro was a swordsmith of the Hizen province. He was born son of Yoshinobu, and was taught sword smithing by both Yoshinobu and Tadayoshi 1st. It is said that Masahiro received the title of Kawachi no Daijo in 1628, although he may have received it as late as 1641. Masahiro worked for Omi no Daijo Tadahiro of the original house of Hashimoto. Masahiro passed away in 1665, aged 59. According to Fujishiro, Masahiro's blades rank as Jo Saku (superior made), and Wazamono (very sharp swords).

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