Edo era (17th Century) Katana by Masahiro

(Signed: Hizen koku Kawachi Daijo Fujiwara MASAHIRO)








Edo Era Katana by Masahiro

This elegant Katana comes with an NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon paper attesting to its authenticity and quality.

Shinto Early Edo period (kanei era/about 370years ago) Hizen
Length of cutting edge 61.7cm Curvature 1.3cm Width of base 29.7mm Width of base 6.1mm Width of Yokote 20.4mm

Sugata (configuration) : Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. Mihaba on base is average and there is ordinal curve leading to a middle tip.

Kitae (forging pattern) : Kitae-hada is tight and well kneaded Mokume (wooden burl) hada. The surface is thickly covered in with uniform/sparkling Ji-Nie activity that generates thick Nie lines of Chikei scene over the surface.The entire hada splendidly works with Nie activity which is vividly bright.

Hamon (tempering pattern) : Hamon is strong Ko-Nie based straight temper line of which condensed Nie creates like a BELT and deep Nioi mist works in the interior. There works with thick and small ashi feet. The entire temper gives off vivid and strong light.
Boshi (tip): The temper of the tip waves into KOMARU circle then turns back deeply.

Nakago (tang) : UBU un-altered, slanted left (o-sujikai) filemarks and V-shape heel. One mekugi-ana. The signature in hakiomote is located shinogiji side, long character that reads Hizen koku Kawachi Daijo Fujiwar MASAHIRO.

The subject katana is a superb work of the first generation Masahiro, born in the 12th year of Keicho (1607), a son of Yoshinobuu who was a-son-in-law of 1st gen. Hizen TADAYOSHI. His name is Hashimoto Sadenjiro, initial smith name Masanaga. In the ninth year of Gen-na (A.D.1623) when he was 19 years old, he had made a sword and demonstrated his prominent skill in front of the feudal lord Nabeshima Katsushige of Hizen-han and granted a smith name MASAHIRO in the 11th month, the 2nd year of Kanei (1625). In the 5th year of Kanei (1628), (or other different opinion is 18th year of Kanei (1641)), he enjoyed an imperial grant title KAWACHI DAIJO. According to Fujishiro, Masahiro's blades rank as Jo Saku (superior made), and Wazamono (very sharp swords).

The subject Handachi style koshirae complete set of mount comprising : Japanese lacquered dragon polish out sheath, shakudo copper alloy metal furniture (Karakusa motif), Wheel design shakudo openwork tsuba and shakudo Tsuzumi (drum) design menuki hilt ornaments. Passed away in the 5th, 2nd month, 5th year of Kanbun (1665), was 59 years old.
Gold foiled habaki collar. Shira-Saya plain wood mounting.

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