Shinto (early Edo period) the 2nd year of Meireki/1656 Katana by Kanesada

(Signed: Mino Izumi-no-kami KANESADA-saku)

Kanesada Katana

Kanesada Katana

Kanesada Katana Koshirae

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon

Kanesada Fittings


Kanesada Katana

Shinto early Edo period (the 2nd year of Meireki/1656) Katana by Kanesada

This elegant Katana comes with an NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon paper attesting to its authenticity and quality.

Length of cutting edge 73.3cm, Curvature1.6cm ,Width of base 31.8mm, Thickness of base 7.6mm, Width of Yokote 20.8mm

Sugata (configuration) : Long katana. Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. Mihaba is wide on base, extremely thick in Kasane and there is massive volume in Hiraniku. There remains almost full of temper edge at cutting side (Ha-machi). There is moderate curvature leading to a middle tip. The blade is heroically made and quite heavy in the hands.

Kitae (forging pattern) : Kitae-hada is clear Itame-hada (wooden grain) of which Hiraji surface is covered in sparkling Ji-nie that generates darkish Nie lines so called CHIKEI activity. The blade steel is vividly clear and bright.

Hamon (tempering pattern) : The Temper is Ko-nie glitter based. It starts with short and straight Yakidashi then becomes a clove shape outline of which the head is either rounded or square, some area display a Togari (sharpened) or Yahazu (notch of an arrow) shape. In the interior of temper, there are floating You (dots). The Upper Monouchi area in front, shows brighter Nie glitter that gives off vividly clear light and abundant Nie activities such as Yubashiri (temper streams in Hiraji surface) or Sunagashi (darkish Nie blushing lines) like a flowing river. There are small Muneyaki temper spot in the upper Koshinogi area and a temper dot on the lower back.

Boshi (tip): The temper of the tip forms a straight regular line, a medium circle turns back almost connecting to a Muneyaki temper spot.
Nakago (tang) : Original Ubu with one mekugi-ana retaining hole. Takanoha (V-shaped) file marks. Ha-agari Kurijiri (Double-bevelled) heel. The signature in front is in large characters starting with the place of birth (Mino) and the official rank title (Izumi-no-kami)and the smith name (KANESADA-saku). The reversed side is chiselled the date of year in medium character (Auspicious day, in the 5th, the 2nd year of Meireki 1656).

The sword smith Izumi-no-kami KANESADA is a 2nd generation smith who worked under the patronage of the Saito clan (No-Sada) as one of the two greatest Mino sword smiths along with KANEMOTO during the Warring States period. He was the first sword smith to enjoy an official district Izmumi-no-kami title granted by the Imperial Court and he won the praise of major Samurai warriors, because of the beauty and excellent cutting performance of his swords. His swords have been treasured by noble Samurais for generations.

The Black lacquered Aizame sharkskin Tachi style Koshirae consists of:
Shibuichi copper alloy ground Wrinkled-leather-skin engraving pattern metal furniture, Gold Iroe inlay for Kabuto-kane, Ashi-kanamono, Ishitsuki. Shakudo copper alloy Nanako-ji surface a pair of Dragon Taioko-kane and a pair of Yagura-kane.
A golden pair of Dragon Menuki metal ornaments.

Silver ground gold-plated KIKU flower petals adorne a pair of large Seppa spacers and small KIKU petals adorne a pair of medium Seppa.
Incense color gold brocade wraps the hilt, as well as Unohana cream colored Hiramaki tachi style lozenge silk cord.
This gorgeous katana is in near mint, museum condition with the original Tachi koshirae and is renowned as one of the best works of KANESADA during the Shinto period. This Katana has been treasured for generations. It has a single layer gold foiled Habaki collar, and is Preserved in Shira-Saya mounting.

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