Rare Uruacu Meteorites

This is a really unique opportunity to add a beautiful, rare Brazilian iron meteorite to your collection! This iron is known as "Uruacu". Uruacu irons are rarely available for sale to collectors and this is probably the only chance you are going to have to add a small, complete individual to your collection. Uruacu are very solid meteorites and have a lovely, characteristic golden-orange-ochre colored patina to them (see photos). Uruacu was first discovered in 1992 near Goias, Brazil. Only four masses were found on a farm by the owner of the property. The owner continued hunting for more meteorites for over a decade without any luck. Finally, after years of searching, in the past few years, the owner has located several other Uruacu specimens. The total known weight of this iron is still fairly low for an iron (probably only around 1500▒ hundred kilos), making this offering all the more rare of an opportunity! Uruacu is chemically similar to Campo del Cielo, however structurally it is not at all similar. It is a schreibersite and cohenite rich IAB that is extremely stable, and has beautiful etch patterns full of Neumann lines.

The following is the classification taken from Meteoritical Bulletin #86 :
Uruacu Goias, Brazil Found 1992 Iron (IAB) Four masses have been recovered: (1) 29 kg, (2) 25.2 kg, (3) 300 g, and (4) 18 kg, on the property of Mr. Wilson Rezende. Mass (1) was found by a cattleman in 1992, masses (2) and (3) were found in 1994 and 1999 respectively by Celio Rezende, and mass (4) by miners prospecting for gold in 2000. Classification (M. E. Zucolotto, MNRJ; J. Wasson UCLA): cohenite-schreibersite-rich iron. Bulk composition: Co = 0.46%, Ni = 6.43%, Ga = 89.6 ppm, As = 11.6 ppm, Ir = 3.36 ppm, Au = 1.46 ppm. The composition is indistinguishable from Campo del Cielo. Specimens: type specimen, mass (2), MNRJ, Brazil; main mass: Mr. Carvalho, mass (1) and (4).

Uruacu meteorite

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Uruacu meteorite

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