Taza Meteorites

The Taza meteorite (NWA 859) is a rare Saharan Iron that was first discovered in Morocco in 2001 near the town of Taza. It is very stable and renowned for it gorgeous sculpted appearance and stunning fine star-like Windmanstatten patterns. (For Beautifully Etched Taza and other Meteorites Click Here). Taza meteorites are classified as a rare type of nickel-rich meteorite known as a plessitic octahedrite. Demand for these beautiful meteorites has skyrocketed in the last year or two as more and more people have realized just how beautiful these Saharan irons are. As a result, demand has outstripped the supply with the result that Tazas are becoming quite difficult to obtain and prices have been increasing. We cherry picked these wonderful Tazas to provide our customers with an opportunity to own some of the best examples available of these superb meteorites.

Big sculpted 77 gram Taza showing rollover lips and amazing orientation: $699.00


Beautiful Little 12 gram oriented Taza: $60.00 SOLD!

Amazing Large 481 gram Scuplted Taza with lovely thumbprints: $999.00 SOLD!

Beautiful 12 gram Sculputured Taza : $59.00 SOLD!

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