Seymchan Pallasite / Seymchan Meteorite

Gorgeous, New Seymchan Pallasites! Here are some spectacular specimens from this new find. These specimens are from Seymchan, located in the Magadan district of far eastern Russia. Coordinates: 62 degrees 54 minutes North / 152 degrees 26 minutes East.

Seymchan was originally found in 1967, and because the specimen found had no olivine it was classified as a rare, IIE Iron. More recent analysis has determined that it is actually a rare, Ungrouped Iron. A recent expedition has recovered several more specimens including some that contain olivine crystals making this a pallasite! Analysis suggests that it is a member of the Main Group pallasites. The specimens that we are offering below are from one of these recent finds and contain olivine crystals and have absolutely gorgeous Widmanstatten patterns! Seymchan is a very stable meteorite. Click on the links below for photos and prices of these lovely specimens.

Huge Seymchan Meteorite Slice
World Class, Etched Seymchan Meteorite Full Slice!

Superb, 60g Seymchan Pallasite full sice!

Excellent, 69g Seymchan Pallasite full sice!

Gorgeous, 72g Seymchan Pallasite full sice!

Seymchan Pallasite
Enormous, 1680g Etched Seymchan Pallasite!

World Class, 2310g Etched Seymchan Pallasite!

Huge Seymchan Meteorite
World Class, Huge ~36 kg Seymchan Meteorite Individual!

Beautiful 1340g Seymchan Meteorite Slice!

Seymchan Pallasite
HUGE, 1565g Etched Seymchan Pallasite!

Stunning, 185 gram Seymchan Pallasite Slice!

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