Rare, Oriented IIIAB Iron Meteorite NWA 4707

Stunning new fully Oriented Saharan Iron NWA 4707! NWA 4707 is the official name for this gorgeous, iron meteorite from the Saharan desert.

Writeup from Meteoritical Bulletin online:
Northwest Africa 4707 (NWA 4707)
(Northwest Africa)
Purchased: 2006
Classification: Iron meteorite (IIIAB)
Petrography: Well defined structure with relatively abundant taenite. No heat altered zone. Heavily oxidized along one edge of section. Fresh with no oxide layer along the opposite edge. Tiny grains in some kamacite and plessite may reflect minor post-shock annealing. No FeS observed and schreibersite content very low. Kamacite bandwidth ~0.7 mm.
Geochemistry: Co (mg/g) 5.18, Ni (mg/g) 81.8, Ga (µg/g) 22.1, Ge (µg/g) <70, As (µg/g) 6.71, Ir (µg/g) 0.748, Au (µg/g) 0.87.
Submitter: J. T. Wasson, UCLA

The following NWA 4707 Main Mass is available for University or Museum Trade or purchase or the advanced collector of rare Iron meteorites:

NWA 4707 IIIAB Iron Meteorite

Oriented NWA 4707 Iron Meteorite

Oriented NWA 4707 Iron Meteorite

Oriented NWA 4707 Iron Meteorite

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