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We are very pleased to offer this spectacular Eucrite-NWA 3368 (which can be found on p. 120 of "The Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites" by L. Chitwood and the late O. Richard Norton!) This is a visually striking Eucrite, having large diogenite clasts and extremely fine grained basaltic clasts set in a light matrix having a pink hue! Many of the larger slices have sizeable pieces of metal showing also! NWA 3368 is a single stone weighing 1623 grams before cutting losses. After cutting losses and type specimens donated for scientific research, only around 1300 grams remains for collectors. This is a very beautiful eucrite, and the scientists that classified it dubbed it the "pink eucrite". All slices cut perfectly and very thin (~2mm) to give the optimal display area to weight ratio, and are expertly finished on both sides. Each specimen comes in a Museum Grade membrane display case.

Classification Data
Official Classification Name: NWA 3368 Classification: Polymict Eucrite The following was submitted to Mike Zolensky by Dolores Hill on in early September: "Microprobe analyses conducted on a small matrix chip confirm that the sample is a eucrite (pyroxene Wo6En36Fs59 and Wo40En30Fs30; plagioclase An90Ab10Or0.4). Chromite containing 5-27% TiO2 and ~5% Al2O3 & ilmenite are present. In hand specimen, the sample appears to be a polymict eucrite. There are a variety of clasts ranging in size from several mm to ~ 2 cm. Diogenite clasts, dark, angular clasts, and rounded grains, are set in a light matrix typical of eucrites except for its distinct pink hue. There is some "foliation" in this coloration: approximately half of the slice is slightly darker pink than the other; with an indistinct, irregular boundary." General Observations: (By Kathryn Gardner while on the e-probe) Major Mineralogy: High Ca Pyroxene, Low Ca Pyroxene, Plagioclase Minor Mineralogy: High and Low Titanium Chromite, Troilite, Ilmenite, Silica, Fe metal, Phosphates Mg #�s for clinopyroxenes: ~52-53 (average) Mg #�s for orthopyroxenes: ~37-38 (average) Total Fe/Mn: ~30 (standard for eucrites) Oxygen isotope data fit in with other eucrites. Oxide grains often exsolved to a varied extent. Both pyroxenes seem so far to have the same composition, although both fine- grained and coarse-grained components exist. The specimens currently available are below:

NWA 3368 Pink Eucrite
NWA 3368 Pink Eucrite

Incredible 30 g crusted slice of NWA 3368 Price: $595.00 NEW!

NWA 3368 Pink Eucrite
NWA 3368 Pink Eucrite

Gorgeous 38 g crusted slice of NWA 3368 Price: $995.00 NEW!

Incredible 35.7 g crusted slice of NWA 3368 w/ metal! Price: SOLD!

Lovely 13.4 g crusted part slice of NWA 3368! Price: $395.00

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