Incredible NWA 2913 Eucrite Monomict Melt Breccia

This is an incredible, NEW eucrite Melt Breccia! It has an extremely low TKW of only 100.2 grams, and consists of an amazing black melt flow filled with cumulate basalt breccia! This spectacular Eucrite Melt looks like a beautiful Lunar Breccia at only a fraction of the price!

Northwest Africa 2913


Find: 2005

Achondrite (Eucrite, Monomict Melt Breccia)

History: A 100.2 g complete stone was purchased in Erfoud, Morocco, in May 2005.

Petrography: (J. Wittke and T. Bunch, NAU) Specimen contains medium-grained (<2 mm), centimeter-size, cumulate basalt clasts set in a microbreccia melt matrix. Clasts are moderately shocked with partial maskelynization of plagioclase and mechanical twinning, optical mosaicism and reduced birefringence in pyroxenes. The dark matrix is a flow mixture of FeO-rich glasses, very small cumulate basalt fragments, and patches of quench-textured microbasalt.

Geochemistry: Monomict cumulate basalt: host Ca-poor pyroxene (Fs55.4-57.8Wo5.1-2.9), FeO/MnO = 28; exsolved augite (Fs24.2Wo44.7), FeO/MnO = 36; plagioclase/ maskelynite (An90.8); chromite Cr/(Cr+Al) = 0.86.

Classification: Achondrite (eucrite, monomict melt breccia); moderate shock, minimal weathering.

Specimens: A 21 g type specimen is deposited at NAU.

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Incredible 12.3g Crusted End-piece! SOLD!

Superb 8.2g Crusted Full Slice! NEW!

Gorgeous 8.3g Crusted Full Slice! SOLD!

Lovely 1.7g NWA 2913 part slice! NEW!

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