"Tazarine" an Extremely Rare, IC Iron Meteorite

"Tazarine" or NWA 2743 (prov.) is a gorgeous, iron from the the Anti-Atlas Mountains near Tazarine, Morocco. The final analysis shows that this is a rare member of the IC group of meteorites. According the the Meteoritical Bulletin Database, there are only eleven other IC meteorites known, and of these "Tazarine" has the third lowest TKW with only 5.46 kg in existence! The makes Tazarine an exceptionally rare iron, and a must for any serious iron collection as virtually no IC irons are available for collectors! Below is the provisional classification as written by John Wasson of UCLA. Type specimen 212g, UCLA.

NWA 2743 IC Og

Composition: Cr 53 g/g , Co 4.76 mg/g, Ni 67.5 mg/g, Cu 137 g/g, Ga 53 g/g, As 8.3 g/g, W 0.88 g/g, Ir 0.127 g/g, Au 0.97 g/g.

A IC iron with 67.5 mg/g Ni, 53 mg/g Ga, 0.13 mg/g Ir, 0.97 mg/g Au.; it is a compositional twin of Chihuahua City. Birdsell provided three photos. One shows an entire oblong face 9.5 x 6.8 cm; total area is ~55 cm2. Most of the area is covered by somewhat irregular kamacite bands 2.00.3 mm, thus the structure is Og. In a few cases taenite is being resorbed to create wider kamacite bands. Kamacite is densely decorated with Neumann lines. Small schreibersite inclusions are present at borders of kamacite bands and a few larger inclusions are inside swathing kamacite. Several inclusions of what appears to be FeS-graphite are also present.

The following are the Specimens Currently Available (click on the links below to see large photos). We update our webpages frequently so be sure to reload your webpage each time you visit our site. If you want a smaller specimen of this rare IC meteorite contact us and we may be able to prepare one for you.

Photo of a beautiful IC Iron Meteorite
Gorgeous 201 gram Full Slice of Tazarine IC Iron!

Photo of a beautiful IC Iron Meteorite
Beautiful 270 gram Full Slice of Tazarine IC Iron!

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