Gorgeous LODRANITE / ACAPULCOITE NWA 2714 (found on p. 120 of "The Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites" by L. Chitwood and the late O. Richard Norton)

NWA 2714 Lodranite/Acapulcoite

***UPDATE 10/24/07: We have just been informed by Dr. Bunch that this meteorite has been provisionally been re-classified as an extremely rare Lodranite! Once we receive more information on this we will update the information below***

*** UPDATE 4/2/2010 from Dr. Ted Bunch: The NOM COM sometime ago said they would not change the classification because the mean grain size was “between that of ACAs and LODs” I have not given up – Tony [Irving] and I are doing a paper on these stones.

Lodranites are an extremely rare type of primitive achondrite thought to be from the same parent body as the Acapulcoites. It it thought that Lodranites are derived from deeper within the parent body where they took longer to cool and formed larger crystals than the more shallow Acapulcoites. The members of this group take their name from 'Lodran' -the first recognized Lodranite, which fell to earth in Lodran, Pakistan in October 1868. Lodranites are thought to be an extremely primitive transitional form between chondrites and achondrites. It is thought that Lodranites are derived from an asteroidal parent body that was subject to melting and recrystalization very early in the formation of our solar system. NWA 2714 has a beautiful polygonal granular crystalline texture composed of a patchwork of black, grey, yellow, and orange crystals. Some specimens even have brilliant green olivine crystals! The photos really don't do these specimens justice as they need to be viewed under a 10X loop in good lighting to really appreciate their beauty. The TKW of NWA 2714 is 1656 grams. The TKW of NWA 2656 is ~7.5 kg. We estimate that, including all of the paired material, there is at least 10.75 kilograms of this Lodranite in existence. The Specimens below are polished to a high luster on one side to allow viewing of the beautiful crystaline structure characteristic of this rare primitive achondrite!

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