Rare, Silicated, Finest Octahedrite IAB-sLH Iron Meteorite


NOTE: We have noticed that some people have been selling obvious pairings of this meteorite as a rare "Winonaite" for $60.00 to $100.00 per gram! Here is an opportunity to add a properly classified specimen of this rare and beautiful meteorite to your collection for a less than a third the price being charged elsewhere! Our specimens have been properly classified by one of the World's leading meteorite Scientists, Professor John Wasson of U.C.L.A. and are Officially recognized in the Meteorite Bulletin Database.

Exquisite Silicated-Iron-NWA 2680! NWA 2680 is a gorgeous, nickel-rich silicated IAB-sLH, finest octahedrite (Off) from the Saharan desert. The final analysis show that this is a rare, member of the IAB-related meteorites. It is not closely related to any other IAB and it is distinguished by its high Cu and relativley high Ni concentrations. This visually stunning meteorite has pools of melted troilite filled with clasts of olivine and primitive achondrites! It has a beautiful, delicate finest octahedrite etch pattern that is simply amazing! This is a really spectacular, stable meteorite with a nickel content of 13.7%, allowing it to take a mirror-like polish. The TKW is unknown, but probably very low in the 15-20 kg range. Of this, the majority of pieces are very small. Pieces large enough to slice are extremely rare. The final elemental composition, as determined by replicate analysis by UCLA is: Cr 92 g/g , Co 5.36 mg/g, Ni 136.6 mg/g, Cu 548 g/g, Ga 24.3 g/g, As 19.3 g/g, Ir 2.04 g/g, Au 1.73 g/g.

Here's the official write-up from the Meteorite Bulletin Database:

Northwest Africa 2680 (NWA 2680)
Purchased: 2005
Classification: Iron meteorite (IAB-sLH)
Petrography: Silicate-rich iron with 60-65 vol% metal which mainly consists of small domains each with a differently oriented octahedral pattern; typical size 0.6 to 1.0 cm. Within the domains, kamacite forms narrow lamellae with high (10-20) aspect ratios. Widest bands are ~0.15 mm, thus the metal structure is Off. Most domains are surrounded by swathing kamacite 0.2-0.3 mm thick. Angular silicate blocks are abundant, comprising 10-15 vol%; largest clast 5x1.5 mm. FeS also abundant, ~10 vol%. Schreibersite not confirmed. Based on structure, possibly paired with NWA 4024 and 5980 that are described as winonaites.
Geochemistry: Co (mg/g) 5.36, Ni (mg/g) 136.6, Ga (µg/g) 24.3, Ge (µg/g) <140, As (µg/g) 19.4, Ir (µg/g) 2.04, Au (µg/g) 1.73.
Submitter: J. T. Wasson, UCLA.

The following are the Specimens Currently Available (click on the links below to see large photos). We update our webpages frequently so be sure to reload your webpage each time you visit our site.

NWA 2680
Incomparable 934 gram End Cut of NWA 2680!

NWA 2680
Incomparable 270 gram etched Full Slice of NWA 2680!

Photo of a beautiful Silicated Iron Meteorite
Incomparable 208 gram Full Slice of NWA 2680!

Photo of a beautiful Silicated Iron Meteorite
Lovely 12.5 gram End-cut of NWA 2680!

Photo of a beautiful Silicated Iron Meteorite
Lovely 17.8 gram NWA 2680 end-piece!


Incredible, 217 gram full slice! This gorgeous slice has been polished to a mirror-like finish and is filled with wonderful brecciated clasts and what appears to be melted troilite! Price: SOLD!

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