Metal Rich Mesosiderite NWA 2676

Stunning NEW Saharan High-Metal Mesosiderite-NWA 2676 (prov.)! This is a wonderful new, high-metal Mesosiderite from the Saharan desert of north-west Africa. This is a very unusual mesosiderite in that it has such a high metal content that UCLA originally assumed it to be a silicated iron and only after elemental analysis determined it to actually be a high metal mesosiderite. A single stone weighing 510 grams was purchased in Morocco. Pairings are unknown although it does resemble NWA 1817. Unlike, most mesosiderites, this one had a very high metal content at one end and a somewhat lower content at the other end. Within the metal are numerous tiny, evenly dispersed silicate and troilite inclusions. It has been classified by Professor John Wasson and Alan Rubin as a mesosiderite. Low-Ca pyroxene is basically pigeonite in composition. Mean: Fs 27.2 Wo 5.7 (n=5) ranges: Fs25.3-28.6, Wo1.1-9.5. Plagioclase is anorthitic: mean: An94.0 Or 0.28 (n=5) ranges: An 93.3-94.5, Or 0.24-0.33 The rock also contains silica with an open structure; it contains other minor elements. Approximate proportions: 70% pyroxene, 25% plagioclase, 5% silica.

There is not a lot of this mesosiderite to go around, so if you are looking to add a really beautiful, high metal mesosiderite to your collection you may want to reserve a specimen sooner than later. The following are the Specimens Currently Available (click on the links below to see large photos). We update our webpages frequently so be sure to reload your webpage each time you visit our site.

Gorgeous 38.4 gram etched full slice of NWA 2676!! SOLD!

Superb 30 gram polished full slice of NWA 2676!!

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