Ureilite / NWA 2376

NEW Ureilite-NWA 2376! Ureilites are amongst the rarest of the achondrites. They appear to be unrelated to the other achondrites, however, like carbonaceous chondrites, ureilites contain carbon. The difference between carbonaceous chondrites and ureilites is that in ureilites, the carbon is in the form of microscopic Diamonds! These diamonds formed through intense impact events that occurred in the distant past during the formation of our solar system. This, along with their rarity, makes ureitlites highly desirable collectibles, and no serious meteorite collection should be without a few prime examples. This particular ureilite was extremely difficult to cut, even using top grade diamond blades. This made the preparation of these slices an expensive and time consuming proposition. Each slice has been expertly prepared and polished on one side, making it a very nice, and collectible achondrite!

Classification Data For NWA 2376
Northwest Africa 2376
Purchased 2004 August
Several stones with a total weight of 544 g were purchased in Erfoud, Morocco. Description and provisonal classification (J. Wittke and T. Bunch, NAU): typical ureilite that mostly consists of medium to coarse-grained olivine and pigeonite. Extensive reduction (R5) has affected more than 50 vol % of all olivine and ~ 15 vol % of pigeonite. Carbonaceous-metal-silicate masses (CMSM) are also extensively developed. Olivine cores, Fa12.3, FeO/MnO = 19, Cr2O3 = 0.60 wt %; olivine rims, down to Fa1.2 ; pigeonite cores, Fs10.9Wo5.2. Also, interstitial Al-rich augite, K-rich glass, Fe3C, and probable diamond. Interstitial metal is mostly weathered to various iron oxides and no observable primary graphite. Low weathering grade and lightly shocked (S2).

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