Cumulate Eucrite Meteorite 1980

We are very pleased to offer this gorgeous, cumulate eucrite breccia. This beautiful achondrite is composed of a cumulate eucrite breccia containing clasts ranging in size from a few mm up to 6 cm! Aesthetically, this is a stunning meteorite having pinkish colored clasts which complement the grey matrix beautifully. The total known weight of NWA 1980 is ~1680 gram and much of this has already been sold to collectors around the world. The low TKW and beauty of this meteorite make this a very desirable achondrite. The slices shown below are the only ones we have available and once these are gone there won't be any more. Click on the links to view large photos and prices.

Classification Data
Northwest Africa 1980
Northwest Africa
Found 2002
TKW ~1680 grams
Achondrite (monomict, cumulate eucrite breccia)

Classification and mineralogy (T. Bunch & J. Wittke, NAU): monomict, cumulate eucrite breccia; clast size, millimeters to 6 cm; cataclastic, microgranular veining with minor recrystallization. Inverted pigeonite (Fs48Wo2.5); augite lamellae (Fs15Wo46); plagioclase (An93); sulfide, ilmenite, chromite (Cr/(Cr+Al) = 65), and metal (Ni = 7.1 wt. %). Shock level, S3/4; reduced birefringence, mosaicness, and deformation lamellae in pyroxenes; minor development of maskelynite. Very fresh, shiny black fusion crust and un-oxidized metal; minor terrestrial carbonate alteration veins. Specimens: 23 g, NAU.

LAST ONE! Gorgeous, 20.3 gram NWA 1980 slice w/ Crust! Price: ONLY $899.95

Gorgeous, 17.3 gram NWA 1980 full slice w/ Crust! Price: SOLD!

Superb 13 gram NWA 1980 part slice w/ Crust! Price: SOLD!

Lovely 1.4 gram NWA 1980 part slice w/ Crust! Price: SOLD!

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