Iron Meteorite Photos

Iron meteorites are derived from the core of an ancient, extinct planet or planetoid that was destroyed by a catastrophic impact event billions of years ago during the formation of our solar system. Most irons have an internal crystaline structure known as a Widmanstatten pattern, the likes of which are only found in meteorites. The photos below will give you some idea of the great variety of shapes and appearances that iron meteorites can have.

Sikhote-Alin (Coarsest Octahedrite) IIB

World's Largest Canyon Diablo (Coarse Octahedrite) IAB

Plessetic Octahedrite IIAB (NWA 2428)

IID Anomalous Iron

Nickel poor Ataxite (NWA 2679)

IIICD Iron (NWA 2677)

Gibeon (Fine Octahedrite) IVA

Plessetic Octahedrite Anomalous (Taza

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