Chondrite Pictures

Chondrites are 'stony' meteorites that contain 'chondrules'. Chondrules are spereically shaped particles that formed early during the birth of our solar system. The exact manner in which chondrules and chondrites formed is still a hotly debated topic.

An L3.3 Chondrite showing an unusually high degree of heterogeneity in its chondrule field, and xenolithic clasts. NWA 2785

Freshly fallen Oum Dreyga (formerly Amgala) H3-5 chondrite

Slice of Oum Dreyga H3-5 chondrite showing metal rich matrix.

An unclassified chondrite showing beautiful black fusion crust with thumb-prints

Franconia H5 chondrite with large metal nodule

Ghubara L5 chondrite clearly showing its xenolithic structure

Spectacular chondrule field of an LL3 chondrite (NWA 2089)

Huge, donut shaped CAI in a CV3 carbonaceous chondrite NWA 2364. The CAI measures approximately 1.2 cm across.

Large, xenolithic inclusion in a CV3 carbonaceous chondrite NWA 2364. This xenolithic inclusion is currently being studied by the University of New Mexico.

LL6 polymict breccia chondrite (NWA 2365)

Interior of an LL6 polymict breccia chondrite (NWA 2365)

"Bullseye" chondrule of LL3.7 chondrite (NWA 2836)

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