Achondrite Pictures

Achondrites are stony meteorites lacking chondrules. They are derived from the crusts of planetary bodies or very large asteroids such as Vesta, and were violently torn away from their parent bodies by the impact of massive asteroids. While still on the parent body, much of the achondritic material was formed by igneous processes similar to those occurring on Earth today.

A very rare primitive achondrite known as an 'Lodranite' (NWA 2714)

A Eucrite showing beautiful, thumb-printed fusion crust

A Eucrite having a very light colored matrix

A Martian Shergottite (a meteorite from the planet Mars!) NWA 2373

A Martian Shergottite (a meteorite from the planet Mars!) Dar al gani 735

A polymict eucrite (NWA 2366)

Interior of a polymict eucrite (NWA 2366)

A complete ureilite individual (NWA 2376)

A polished section of a ureilite showing its crystaline structure (NWA 2376)

A rare, metal-rich Diogenite. Note the dark fusion crust. NWA 2782

A rare, unbrecciated cumulate eucrite (NWA 2362)

The interior of an unbrecciated cumulate eucrite-note the granitic texture (NWA 2362)

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