Lunar Meteorite NWA 482

RARE, Lunar Meteorite! NWA 482 is a beautiful, Lunar meteorite from the Sahara Desert.

The following description is part of the excerpt on NWA 482 from Meteoritical Bulletin:

Northwest Africa 482 Algeria? Found 2000? Lunar meteorite (impact melt breccia) A 1015 g stone was purchased on 2001 January 10 in Alnif, Morocco, by Michael Farmer. The exact location of find is unknown but it is possibly in Algeria. The stone is complete, oriented, and appears relatively unweathered. Classification and mineralogy (A. Rubin and P. Warren, UCLA; D. Kring and I. Daubar, UAz): texture is typical of a crystalline impact melt breccia (polymict) with highland affinities; glassy and vesicular melt veins and melt pockets indicate shock subsequent to compaction by an impact event; plagioclase, An95.7Ab4.09Or0.17 (n = 136, UAz); olivine, Fo6568 (average Fo66) with FeO/MnO = 88 7 g/g (UCLA); olivine Fo68.4 with FeO/MnO = 93.9 7.7 g/g (range: 78.7 to 111) (n = 51, UAz); pyroxene, Fs25Wo17 with nearly uniform Mg/(Mg + Fe) = 6768 mol% and FeO/MnO = 51 6 g/g (n = 10, UCLA); pyroxene, Wo10.351En32.663.9 Fs42.614.2, mean Mg/(Mg + Fe) = 68 mol%, FeO/MnO = 52 8 g/g (n = 28, UAz); glassy melt veins occur in both UCLA and UAz samples; a 0.1 mm vein (UCLA) has SiO2 = 44.3 wt%, Na2O = 0.3 wt%, Al2O3 = 30.0 wt%, FeO = 3.6 wt%, MgO = 3.9 wt%, CaO = 17.3 wt%, and TiO2 = 0.3 wt%, which may approximate the bulk meteorite composition. Specimens: half of the main mass is with Farmer; 74 g, DPitt; type specimens, 24 g, UCLA, and 18 g, UAz.

The following partially crusted specimen is available:

NWA 482 Lunar Meteorite

Beautiful, 0.102 gram NWA 482. This lovely specimen measures approximately 8.5 mm by 6.3 mm.

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