Museum Grade Gujba Bencubbinite Meteorites

Gujba, is an extremely rare type of Chondrite known as a Bencubbinite. Gujba are filled with huge spherules of metal and giant cryptocrystaline silicate spheroids! In our opinion Gujba is one of the most beautiful of all meteorites and is a Witnessed Fall to boot!

Below is an excerpt from the description published the 1985 Meteoritical Bulletin.

Yobe, Nigeria
Fell 1984 April 3, 18:30 local time
Bencubbin-like meteorite
A conical meteorite fell in a corn field near the village of Bogga Dingare after a bright fireball was witnessed moving west to east and an explosion was heard. The local people hammered the meteorite into many pieces, and most of the material was dispersed. The original mass is unknown, although secondhand reports indicate that it had a volume of ~20 000 cm3, and thus a mass of ~100 kg. Material that almost certainly came from this fall has been sold in the last few years elsewhere in Nigeria, with claims that the specimens were new finds. A preliminary description of the meteorite appears in Islam and Ostaficzuk (1988).

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