Taza Meteorites NWA 859

Uncut, un-etched Taza meteorites are difficult to obtain and are selling for $10.00 per gram! Cutting and sanding loses approximately 30% of the meteorite making in the process some very expensive saw dust. These beautiful pieces were cut, well sanded and then etched w/ a etching solution to bring out the gorgeous, fine star-like Windmanstatten patterns characteristic of this type of meteorite. The total known weight of the Taza meteorite fall is unknown, but it is not a large fall and most of this is already in private collections! Don't miss out on these unique Museum Quality specimens as they will undoubtedly only increase in value as the Taza strewn field dries up!!!

The following Etched Taza meteorites are currently available (click on the links below to see photographs and information):

Simply the BEST, rare 169 gram Etched Taza full slice! NEW!

Superb, rare 147 gram Etched Taza full slice! NEW!

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