Museum quality, 512 gram Taza Plessitic Iron Meteorite!!! This is an exquisite, remaglypted end-cut of the rare Saharan Iron from Taza Morocco. This is a unique offering-you don't see too many etched Taza meteorites for sale, and you never see an offering like this. Search the entire internet and you won't find anything remotely comparable! This is a superbly remaglypted end-cut showing a brilliant, snow flake-like etch pattern. This specimen has a unique kamacite swathe forming a band across it. Taza meteorites are a relatively new type of Saharan Iron meteorite which was first discovered in 2000. They represent a rare ungrouped type of plessitic iron meteorite having a high nickel content and a wonderful fine snow-flake-like Windmanstatten pattern which is simply gorgeous! Taza meteorites are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Cutting and sanding loses more than 25% of the meteorite making in the process some very expensive saw dust. Don't miss out on this wonderful specimen!!!

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