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Probable Nuevo Laredo Trend Eucrite For Sale / Dhofar 1480

EXTREMELY RARE, probable Nuevo Larado Trend Eucrite from the Dhofar region of Oman. This is one of the most unusual and beautiful Eucrites that we have seen, with a striking appearance, full of multicolored clasts! This exceptional meteorite looks more like a lunaite than a eucrite! The provisional name of this unique achondrite is 'Dhofar XXXX'! The total known weight of this spectacular new Achondrite is only 651 grams, and it is not likely that there will be more coming out of this region. The following specimens have been expertly prepared. They are all cut extremely thin (~1mm) in order to provide the maximum display area to weight ratios, and they have been nicely polished on one side. This is some of the nicest, most attractive Nuevo Laredo trend material to come along in years, and it may be the last. Don't miss out on adding some of this lovely new Achondrite to your collection! The following specimens are available:

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Provisional Classification Data
Dhofar province, Oman
Find 10/03/2002
Achondrite (polymict eucrite).

History: Meteorite stones scattered in an area of 4 km2, were found in the desert of Oman in 2002. Several additional pieces were collected 1 km SW of the main strewn field in February 2002.

Physical characteristics: The total weight of 27 pieces is 651 g. The stones are dark green without fusion crust. Petrography: (Lorenz C. and Nazarov M., Vernad): The meteorite is a polymict breccia consisting of lithic fragments and mineral clasts, embedded into a fine-grained clastic matrix. Melt pockets and glass veins occur in the breccia. The lithic fragments are mostly fine- and medium-grained pyroxene-plagioclase rocks of porphyritic, gabbroic, minor poikilitic and granular textures. The exsolution texture of inverted pigeonite is disturbed by shock. The pyroxenes show mosaicism. Plagioclase is partially isotropic. Minor phases are olivine, ilmenite, spinel, silica calcium phosphate, troilite and FeNi metal. Geochemistry: (Kononkova N., Vernad., EMP): major phases: orthopyroxene: En35.6Wo3.3 (Fe/Mn=33); clinopyroxene En29.8Wo40.5 (Fe/Mn=33); feldspar An89.2Ab10.4; olivine Fa79.2 (Fe/Mn=48). Spinel is represented by Al-Ti-chromite. Bulk chemistry (wt%) (Roshchina I., Vernad., RFA): SiO2 52,48, TiO2 0,690, Al2O3 11,01, Cr2O3 0,19, FeO 18,15, MnO 0,490, MgO 5,32, CaO 10,81, Na2O 0,84, K2O 0,113. (Lorenz A., Vernad., INAA): ppm La 4.45, Ce 10.0, Nd 5.78, Sm 1.75, Eu 0.33, Tb 0.44, Yb 1.72, Lu 0.30, Sr 415, Ba 640, Sc 31.8, Ni 190, Co 7.34. Oxygen isotopes composition (Franchi I., OU): d17O=1.848 � d18O=3.963 �.

Classification: This meteorite is a moderately shocked weathered polymict eucrite that belongs to the Nuevo-Laredo group.
Specimens: A total of 89 g of sample and one thin section are on deposit at Vernadsky Institute.
An anonymous collector holds the main mass.

UPDATE 11/6/18


This is a very ferrous meteorite. The magnesia (mg # on the graph in the doc file) is 33. Since the TiO2 is relatively small, it is determined by the semi-quantitative XRF inaccurately. But by ironiness, this corresponds to nuevo laredo. If titanium is undervalued, and so it is most likely he would have fallen into the trend of the nuevo laredo. But then I did not have time to do a quantitative analysis and for this I had to remove this information from the official description.


Writeup from MB 96: Dhofar 1480 Zufar, Oman Find: 2003 Achondrite (polymict eucrite) History: Found in the desert by anonymous collector. Physical characteristics: Irregularly shaped stone with total weight of 57.7 g and dark green color. No fusion crust. Brecciated texture is clearly visible on the surface of the meteorite. Petrography (C. A. Lorenz, Vernad): The meteorite is a polymict breccia, consisting of rock fragments and mineral clasts, embedded in a fine-grained clastic matrix. Locally, the clasts are joined together by devitrified melt. Melt pockets and melt veins occur in the breccia. Rock fragments are fine- and medium-grained, minor coarse-grained (up to 0.5 mm) pyroxene-plagioclase rocks of porphyritic, granular gabbroic, minor poikilitic and granulitic texture. Pyroxenes are usually exsolved. Pyroxenes show mosaicism; augite lamellae are disturbed by shock. Plagioclase is partially isotropic. Minor minerals are olivine, ilmenite, spinel, tridymite, quartz, a phosphate mineral, troilite, metal Fe-Ni metal. Mineral compositions and geochemistry: (N. N. Kononkova, Vernad), EMP, lithic and mineral clasts: low-Ca pyroxene En32.6Wo1.6-En39.6Wo4.5 (average En35.6Wo2.7; Fe/Mn = 32) with lamellae En29.7Wo42.0; feldspar An86.0Ab13.5-An91.9Ab7.7; matrix: pyroxene En30.4Wo1.9-En41.6Wo4.5 with lamellae En30.8Wo42.3, feldspar An85.8Ab13.6-An90.6Ab8.7. Bulk composition (I. A. Roshina, Vernad) semi quantitative-XRF (wt%): SiO2 = 45, TiO2 = 0.6, Al2O3 = 16.4, Na2O = 0.6, CaO = 10, MgO = 5; MnO = 0.6; FeO = 18, Cr2O3 = 0.3. Oxygen isotopes composition (I. Franchi, OU): δ17O = 1.848‰; δ18O = 3.963‰. Classification: Achondrite (polymict eucrite). Minor weathering. Type specimens: A total mass of 18.7 g and one thin section are on deposit at Vernad. An anonymous collector holds the main mass

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