Martian Meteorite DAG 476 For Sale

EXTREMELY RARE Martian Shergottitic Meteorite: Dar Al Gani (DAG) 476! Here they are-some of the thinnest, most spectacular part slices of Martian meteorite you'll find anywhere! DAG 476, which is paired with DAG 735, has been nick named "Luck 13" because it was the 13th meteorite ever found that belonged to an extremely rare group of meteorites known as SNC (Shergottite, Nakhlite, and Chassigny) group. SNC meteorites are from the planet mars. Shergottites are pieces of the crustal mantle of the planet Mars that were blown into orbit by an enormous meteorite impact hitting the red planet. This Martian planetary material spent aeons in outer space before it entered the earth's atmosphere as a meteorite and landed in north east Africa. It was found on May 1, 1998 in the Lybian Desert. It was a 2015 gram, loaf shaped picritic shergottite. Martian meteorites are among the rarest of the rare meteorites, and this is a very beautiful one!

Unfortunately we are sold Out of Dag 476, please see our DAG 735 which is paired with Dag 476 and of which we have a limited supply!

Superb, Huge 2.438 gram DAG 476 specimen! Price: SOLD!

Gorgeous 308 milligram DAG 476 Shergottite! Price: SOLD!

Stunning 1000 milligram DAG 476! Price: SOLD!

Awesome 897 milligram DAG 476! Price: SOLD!

Wonderful 181 milligram specimen of DAG 476! Price: SOLD!

Lovely 272 milligram DAG 476! Price: SOLD!

Superb 708 milligram DAG 476! Price: SOLD!

Beautiful 380 milligram DAG 476! Price: SOLD!

Wonderful 216 milligram DAG 476! Price: SOLD!

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