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SR-71 Relic

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SR-71 relic

Arizona Skies Meteorites¨ authentic, mission flown SR-71 Blackbird titanium artifact! We are making a few pieces of our extremely rare SR-71 artifacts available for the first time. The supply of this exceedingly rare, historically important aviation relic is extremely limited. If you have ever dreamed of owning an authentic piece of mission flown SR-71 from the fastest manned jet aircraft ever built, now is the time to step up before the supply runs out. All our items come with a Certificate of Authenticity and make perfect gifts for pilots, the military, and history, aviation or space enthusiasts.

This mega-rare piece of mission flown SR-71 titanium is from SR-71A "Super Skater" (61-7970). This aircraft was lost on 17 June 1970 following a post-re-fueling collision with the KC-135Q (59-1474) tanker. Lt. Col. Buddy L. Brown and his RSO Maj. Mortimer J. Jarvis both ejected and survived the accident. The SR-71 crashed in the western Texas desert, but the KC-135 limped back to Beale AFB, California with a damaged refueling boom and aft fuselage.

What an truly amazing and historically important artifact!

SR-71 Titanium Relic #10 Price: Only $395.00!

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