Original Deathlands Cover Painting

Original Deathlands Cover Painting

Original Barbarian Woman Cover Painting

Michael Herring Cover Art

Deathlands Cover Art

This is a fantastic original cover painting for a James Axler Deathlands novel. It features a well armed post-apocalyptic warrior vixen on the coast of a submerged metropolis. It appears to be acrylic on stretched canvas, but it could be oil. The artist is Michael Herring who was a popular paperback artist who did a lot of science fiction covers in the 1980's and 1990s There are slight differences in the published version (woman's hair is white) but I believe that was done with and overlay as the rest of the painting is very similar to the published version.

Signed: Herring

Visible Image dimensions: 24" x 30"


Price: ONLY $995.00!

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